The Sweet Beet Redesign

One of my recent projects was the redesign of The Sweet Beet labels. The brief was simple; Alix & Stefanie (The Sweet Beet co-founders) wanted new labels that carried a visual punch. Something that stood out on the shelves of the stores that carry their products along side other similar products of different brands. They wanted a product that they could proudly show off, and hopefully one that their customers will show off as well...

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Nicholas HugginsComment

My name is Nick Huggins and I don't believe in talent. I never have and I probably never will. Well, at least the dictionary definition of Talent.

Talent, as defined by the top hit on google is...

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How to stay inspired?

There are some weeks where I feel a sense of artistic inspiration from morning until night and I find the ability to create a lot of illustrations and think of a bunch of cool ideas with seamless ease. Other weeks however, it is a bit of a struggle to find the energy to pull out a blank canvas or to create a new file in illustrator. If this happens to you as well, I've put together a few things I find helpful to do when I'm stuck in a rut that help me find the creative energy.

1) Look at other artists/designers who are better than you. My number one source for finding and interacting with other designers is Instagram. Check out some of my favourite Instagrammers here.

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10 Vector artists to follow on Instagram

Instagram has recently become my new favourite social media platform, and I have been spending maybe too much time on the app. Apart from posting everyday, I also thoroughly enjoy going through the feeds of other designers and illustrators. There are a few that when I see their work I think "dammit, I wish I thought of that." Here is a list of ten of those vector artists that I always keep up with (in no particular order.) Make sure to give them a Follow to be inspired everyday!

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