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The Importance of Brand Guidelines

One of the fundamental things to keep in mind when designing a brand, is consistency. You want people when they see your logo to relate it immediately to your brand/product/service. This is achieved through proper logo usage. Too often in Trinidad & Tobago we see poor usage of logo where brand guidelines (if there are any) are thrown out the window. On my daily commute I pass "Ultracool LTD," a company that deals in air conditioning sales and parts. On the outside of their building there are three (3!!!!) different renditions of their name. The first logo is painted onto the facade of the building, the second is used as a neon light, and the third is on a banner. This lack of brand identity is typical in a place where not enough emphasis is placed on graphic design. Business owners need to realise the positive impact that having a proper brand identity will bring to the table.

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