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How to write a decent blog post in 10 easy steps

Step 1- Come up with an interesting name that could catch the attention of people. Names such as "Photographing the Mundane" is boring, back to the drawing board. Step 2- Briefly research your topic.

Step 3- Start writing.

Step 4- Perhaps, include a nice stock photo for impact. Readers respond well when images are included in blog posts.


Step 5- Think about formatting your blog post as a list. Lists have a proven track record of getting more views! Just look at buzzfeed!

Step 6- Maybe write some more. People love reading stuff.

Step 7- Make sure you proofread for any erors. This is impotent!

Step 8- Double check your accuracy.

Step 9- Upload the blog post and watch the amount of visitors to your site increase exponentially.