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10 Vector artists to follow on Instagram

Instagram has recently become my new favourite social media platform, and I have been spending maybe too much time on the app. Apart from posting everyday, I also thoroughly enjoy going through the feeds of other designers and illustrators. There are a few that when I see their work I think "dammit, I wish I thought of that." Here is a list of ten of those vector artists that I always keep up with (in no particular order.) Make sure to give them a Follow to be inspired everyday!

1. @MUSKETON- Musketon is an illustrator hailing from Belgium whose working is pretty amazing. He has a lot of give aways and posts regularly so is definitely one to follow.

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2. @THOMCAT23 - It amazes me the amount of work Thomcat 23 puts out on a regular basis. What is really cool is that he shows his process from sketches to finished piece.

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3. @TAJFRANCIS - A fellow Caribbean illustrator, this Jamaican is doing huge things in the design world with a unique style.

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4. @DANMUMFORDDRAWS - The level of detail in Dan Mumford's work is astonishing, and he works on some really cool clients.


5. @SWEYDA - Sweyda's work epitomizes patience with the pen tool in illustrator. Truly a master of the craft.

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6. ZPREP - This guy is all about the lines, his work is pretty cool and he illustrates a lot of Star Wars characters which is a bonus.

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7. DLO168 - A modern take on Art Nouveau, DLO168 is a great illustrator.

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8. THOMAS_DANTHONY - His super simple style definitely stands out. I also love the colour palettes that he uses.


9. TIMBASMITS - A sweet 1950's look makes his work really amazing.

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10. GAKSDESIGNS - A fellow Trini artist, Gaks is the self proclaimed Master Vector Ninja, and his work certainly speaks for itself....seriously, check out that line work.


As a bonus, make sure you follow my Instagram page -- NICHOLASHUGGINSDESIGN -- to see some cool stuff posted daily!

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