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My Top 5 Favourite Summer Olympic Logos

So with the 2016 Rio Olympics upon us, I decided to do a countdown of my Top 5 favourite logos from every Summer Olympic Games. Let me know which you like or if you think I left any out.

5. LA 1984- I love the treatment of the Stars & Stripes in this logo. From the use of negative space to create the white star, to the "movement" effect created with the stripes. It is a memorable logo with all elements working well together. This logo is as American as they come utilizing red, white & blue, and the stars and stripes.

4. Athens 2004- I love the use of the olive wreath in this logo. The olive wreath was the prize for the winner at the ancient Olympic Games, so it is a nice "throwback." Without saying where the games are, the viewer can assume that it is Greek based on the colours and the content. Super effective, and very memorable.

3. Rio 2016- A very dynamic logo and logotype. The font treatment is really unique and works really well with the logo mark which depicts three figures in embrace. I really like the overall vibrancy of this and it gives us an essence of the host city.

2. Beijing 2008- My favourite part of this logo has to be the calligraphy treatment of the host city and year (I especially like how the "iji" work next to each other.) The brush stroke application of the man (The Dancing Jing) on red makes up what is an overall pleasant composition. The logo pulls elements from the host country and is very  successful.

1. Tokyo 1964- The gold treatment of the logotype and the Olympic rings; the stark, red, Japanese rising sun; the no nonsense san-serif typeface. There is so much to love about this extremely simple, yet exceptionally effective logo; less is definitely more. This was an easy choice for me!

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