Client Remarks

At first I was worried whether Nick would be able to create a design that was different from his very distinct style, but ultimately I was impressed by his adaptability and was very satisfied with the final design. Nick was very responsive, I greatly valued that, and he was very on time with deadlines. I would recommend him because he was extremely responsive, very creative, and it felt like he really cared about the brand.
- Andrew Laquis of Coconuts of the Caribbean.

Putting a lot of trust on one person for any job is always risky. After our first meeting with Nick, our worries were quickly out the window as his relaxed presence and easy going attitude made collaborating a breeze. Since working with Nick, our brand, logo and labelling is a lot more noticeable, professional and recognisable. It displays our company values and is very unique compared to our competitors. We get compliments every day on our packaging and it makes buyers more interested to stock our product. Nick guided us through not only creating a logo and label, but also through creating a culture and atmosphere in our business that properly represented the values of our company. He is also very patient when it comes to design revisions. He was very easy about changes and this allowed our brand to properly grow and transform through all design stages and it made working with Nick very enjoyable. Seeing the final designs for the first time felt great. It looked professional and we were proud to know that this was our brand.

Thomas Laquis of Coconuts of the Caribbean.

Coconuts of the Caribbean- Branding & Package Design

For this project I was tasked with developing the brand identity of a new company entering the Caribbean Market. Deliverables included brand identity, packaging, t-shirt design, design for shipping boxes, in store branding.