Midnight Hummingbird

Gina's Midnight Hummingbird - Branding & Package Design

This was a fun project to work on as I was able to blend illustration with design. The package design is meant to convey a sense of being an on-looker to a secluded Caribbean beach with the logo serving as the full moon. 

Gina is a world-class chocolate-maker, known locally for her amazing truffles (trust me, I've had a lot of samples), and her first foray into bar chocolate needed to have a look and feel that matched what was inside. 

Client Remarks

"I cried of happiness when I saw the final designs for the first time. I would definitely recommend Nick, he is a fabulous designer who truly listens to his clients. Thank you Nick! It has been a super experience working with you and I have told everybody about what you have done for me and the Midnight Hummingbird. Looking forward to working together in the future. You work hard, and intelligently, and it is clear as day why you are a success."

– Gina Hardy of Gina's Midnight Hummingbird