"We finally have a product that we are 100% proud of and feel the need to show off. Our goal was to have the design match the amazing quality of the product itself and now it does. The bottles have definitely been flying extra fast off the shelves and we have been getting compliments from lots of customers. There has also been an increase in sharing of the bottles on social media. There is a true excitement about the new look and feel of the juices. We are so happy that we decided to go with Nick for our rebranding; he got a good feel of the brand that we wanted to portray and perfectly executed the vision. We had 0 regrets about choosing him!"

– Stefanie Thavenot of The Sweet Beet

testimonial imgs-05.png

"I cried of happiness when I saw the final designs for the first time. I would definitely recommend Nick, he is a fabulous designer who truly listens to his clients. Thank you Nick! It has been a super experience working with you and I have told everybody about what you have done for me and the Midnight Hummingbird. Looking forward to working together in the future. You work hard, and intelligently, and it is clear as day why you are a success."

– Gina Hardy of Gina's Midnight Hummingbird

"Every time I get a final design from Nick it feels like it was pulled right from my head. I recommend Nick at every chance I get because his service and quality is of the highest standard. Every meeting I have, the client is always very impressed with my logo and wants to know who did it. It always sets a tone of high quality moving forward as the face of any brand/project I'm working on and intrigues everyone I work with. Nick is always very keen to make changes to reflect exactly what I want and has very good 'timing' in knowing when to step in and tell me when something would not work visually."

– Kid Kallaloo, DJ

"Nick operates a professional service that integrates quality service, quick responsiveness, willingness to receive feedback and also persuasiveness to push an idea that WILL work. After collaborating with Nick, we feel confident that we have a strong branding perspective. It was great working with a third party who is both timely and very responsive. What I personally believe made his service stand out is that apart from the actual design, he provided consultation and also the feeling that he was there to not only improve an idea, but to present you with a smarter interpretation of your initial thoughts."

– Leanna Camacho, Entrepeneur

"Putting a lot of trust on one person for any job is always risky. After our first meeting with Nick, our worries were quickly out the window as his relaxed presence and easy going attitude made collaborating a breeze. Since working with Nick, our brand, logo and labelling is a lot more noticeable, professional and recognisable. It displays our company values and is very unique compared to our competitors. We get compliments every day on our packaging and it makes buyers more interested to stock our product. Nick guided us through not only creating a logo and label, but also through creating a culture and atmosphere in our business that properly represented the values of our company. He is also very patient when it comes to design revisions. He was very easy about changes and this allowed our brand to properly grow and transform through all design stages and it made working with Nick very enjoyable. Seeing the final designs for the first time felt great. It looked professional and we were proud to know that this was our brand."

– Thomas Laquis, Coconuts of the Caribbean